Subscribe to Resources

You can select and inspect a listing to get a subscription to resources. Each listing contains information about data, suggested use, and other resources, if available.

There are three types of subscription options available:

  • Customized - This is based on terms that are negotiated offline.

  • Evaluation - These terms and conditions are available for you to self-accept and subscribe to from the listing, as there is no subscription flow. This type of subscription allows you to read data with no subscription fee.

  • Commercial - These terms and conditions help Providers create their listings with different pricings for Marketplace, and allow Consumers to sign up with no human interaction so that the Marketplace can generate usage and/or line-items on the Consumer's bill.

There are three types of recources (data) available for subscription:

  • Catalog - A catalog is a collection of data that is logically managed as a single set. Catalogs contain layers that represent different types of data, and that can be overlaid spatially to construct a complete digital map. For example, a catalog may contain a map that includes layers for road attributes, topology, and signs. After you have executed a licensing agreement with a Marketplace Provider and subscribed to data, you can access the data in the catalog using the Data Client Library.
  • Neutral Server - HERE platform stores and distributes Neutral Server-based data in the form of containers. A Neutral Server container is a set of data, provided by the Data Provider, and available to the Data Consumer in the form of listings through the platform. As a Data Consumer, you can subscribe and access Neutral Server-based listings by requesting consent from the Data Subject (vehicle driver). Subscriptions are handled in the Marketplace environment, while the Consent Management feature facilitates granting consents for data usage. After you have executed a licensing agreement with a Marketplace Provider and subscribed to Neutral Server data, you can access Neutral Server container data.
  • External Service - Data Providers onboarded to the Marketplace Proxy solution can offer their external APIs and list their services for sale on the Marketplace using the usual listing creation process. As a Data Consumer, you can subscribe to the external services listing and access API, onboarded by the Data provider.


You can resubscribe to a listing where a prior Commercial or Evaluation subscription was deactivated. This creates a new subscription.

If you are interested in subscribing to a customized catalog, contact the Marketplace Provider for information and pricing through Listing details > Pricing & plans. A catalog with an evaluation subscription option is available for self-subscription. A catalog with a commercial subscription is also available for self-subscription for users by following the on-screen prompts.

Listigs Details
Figure 1. Listing Details

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