Indoor Positioning

Fast and accurate positioning indoors.

HERE Indoor Positioning simplifies the journey by bringing a user to their final destination, including a specified floor

  • Works offline

    When a user enters a building, their device is ready and their journey continues indoors even without network.

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  • Highly accurate out of the box

    HERE Indoor Positioning provides accuracy by leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or cost-effective Bluetooth™ beacons.

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  • Privacy by design

    Location information is kept private as it does not leave the local device.

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HERE Indoor Positioning enables the blue dot on maps indoors.

  • Robust technology used to find position indoors

    Indoor positioning technology based on standard radio infrastructure and sensor fusion.

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  • Developer-ready APIs and SDKs

    APIs and SDKs that cover outdoor and indoor maps, outdoor and indoor positioning, offline and online, outdoor-indoor routing & guidance.

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  • Easy to use, self serve tools to survey the indoor environment

    HERE Radio Map Admin Tool and HERE Indoor Radio Mapper available for partners and venue owners to manage and control their indoor deployment.

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  • Private venue capability available

    Compatibility with private venues so only venue owners have access.

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  • Indoor positioning installation guide

    How to enable HERE Indoor Positioning for your venue.

  • Radio Mapper User Guide

    Manual for the Radio Mapper Android App.

  • iOS Developer guide

    See how to use positioning in your code.

  • Android Developer guide

    See how to use positioning in your code.

Reference Tools

Radio Map Admin Tool

The Radio Map Admin Tool is a web based application for venue owners to manage collected indoor data as well as monitor/manage Bluetooth™ beacons that are used in indoor mapping. The tool helps venue owners visualize and manipulate collected radio data.

Screenshots of Radio Map Admin Tool, showing Radio nodes, Floor map and a list of venues

Indoor Radio Mapper App

The HERE Indoor Radio Mapper is an Android based tool used to enable your venue for HERE Indoor Positioning by creating radio maps inside buildings that are a collection of geo-referenced radio data (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™). Visit the Google Play store and download the HERE Indoor Radio Mapper app to start radio mapping your venue today.

  • Add your floorplan easily.
  • Collect indoor data for venues.
  • See inside your venues.

Screenshots of Indoor Radio Mapper App, showing Floor map and a list of venues


  • Confidex designs and manufactures proven industrial-grade short-range wireless products for business-critical processes in automotive, manufacturing and logistics industries. With HERE integration Confidex’s rugged Eddystone™ compatible Bluetooth™ Low Energy beacons enable reliable and accurate indoor and outdoor locating for your personnel and industrial assets.

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  • Minew Technologies provides smart devices and IoT solutions to an array of customers in many different industries. Minew supplies iBeacon and Eddystone™ compatible Bluetooth™ beacons and beacon monitoring gateways that can be used to enable HERE’s Indoor Positioning for your IoT solution.

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  • Decawave delivers the ‘where’ in locating things for consumers, industrial and automotive markets. By using Decawave’s ultra-wideband positioning technology and connectivity applications, HERE can seamlessly integrate analytics and indoor location services to support the positioning of objects and people down to 10 centimeters.

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