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Location Services

Geocoding and Search

Find landmarks, addresses and businesses globally by converting street addresses to GPS-coordinates and vice-versa

High accuracy

High accuracy

The most accurate database for point addressing, with over 360 million precise point addresses in 108 countries.

Fast volume processing

Fast volume processing

Use batch geocoding to visualize millions of locations on a map through a single file upload.

Localized lookup

Localized lookup

Understand differences in address format across countries and correct formatting issues to pinpoint locations faster.

Features and capabilities

Forward geocoding

Geocoding available in 196 countries, with high-precision mapping of display or navigable positions. Input a structured or free-form address to get results ranked by relevance or proximity.

Reverse geocoding

Get a physical address from a set of geocoordinates. Use heading information to understand direction of movement, and get addresses, landmarks or area information around a position.

Multi-reverse geocoding

Upload up to 100 pairs of geographic coordinates and process them in a single request for improved throughput performance.


Batch geocoding

Improve response time per single coordinate by uploading up to a million forward or reverse geocoder requests, or up to 2GB records per request file.


Geocoding autocomplete

Correct misspellings and get better suggestions for address searches, as well as provide search text matches with or without spatial filters.


Places (Search)

Get global information on 150 million parks, businesses, attractions and more, including addresses, categories and contact info.



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