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Location Services

HERE Live Sense SDK Beta

Powered by AI, enables apps and devices to detect real-time hazards and road signs to help drivers make informed decisions.

live sense customizable


Finely tune your app by controlling the number of detectable objects featured, for custom implementation and use cases.

live sense agile


Full control over the SDK code base allows for quick updates, enhancements and hardware modifications as needed.

live sense flexible


Interoperability between Android platforms for ease of data communications, with Linux and iOS coming soon.

Features and capabilities

Detects and classifies objects

Using a camera-enabled edge device, objects on the road and in the surrounding space can be detected and classified including vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, constructions zones and potholes.

Real-time hazard alerts

Immediate or potential hazards on the road ahead can be identified. The driver can then be informed of what has been detected so they can take appropriate action.

Up-to-date information

Using the forward-facing camera of an edge device, users benefit from real-time detection of possible obstacles. The immediate notifications can be visual and audible, and can advise on a variety of objects.

Alerts model

Contains extra heuristics for alerting the user of possible hazards in their path, such as time-to-collision warnings for impact with the leading vehicle, and alerts for pedestrians and bicycles entering the vehicle's direct path.

Region-specific options

To provide better detection, some models will allow selection of region. If the desired region is supported, a machine learning model better tuned for the region can be used in place of the default global model.

Available for a variety of devices

Compatible with a variety of edge devices, including smartphones, dashcams and PNDs with cameras. The performance of Live Sense SDK will vary between devices, as CPU, GPU, and display resolution are primary determinants.

Easy integration with HERE products

Strengthen your solution by combining Live Sense SDK with existing HERE products to make your offering more complete, like HERE Location Services and HERE Traffic.

No connectivity required

Key features of the app, including detection, classification and notification do not require data or Wi-Fi connection, freeing up data consumption on the edge device.



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