Maps API for JavaScript

Integrate interactive maps and advanced HERE features into your applications


Put the map in your app with HERE Maps API for JavaScript

The HERE JavaScript API offers an easy way to display geospatial data on a web page or to build location-based rich internet applications both for the desktop and mobile.

Maps API for JavaScript code samples

It is easy to get started with the Maps API for JavaScript. Check out our examples, including how to customize the map according to your needs.

JavaScript documentation

Get an introduction to the HERE Maps API for JavaScript, including a quick start guide and developer's guide featuring implementations of typical use cases, as well as a detailed API reference.

Download PDF documentation for current and previous versions of HERE APIs.


The HERE Maps API for JavaScript can be used for a multitude of use cases. Eg. Map and Data Visualization, Routing, Geocoding and Traffic.

Vector Tiles The Vector Tile Service utilized by the HERE Maps API for JavaScript provides the HERE Map in MVT format. This allows data driven visualization and customization of the maps according to your needs.
Map & Satellite Tiles The service underlying the HERE Maps API for JavaScript is the HERE Map Tile API, which provides map images in a choice of styles, including satellite, terrain and traffic. Also try our Map Tile API
Routing The API supports route calculation and display, with a variety of customization options such as public transport routing, turn-by-turn drive and walk directions with instructions in many languages. Users can set preferences such as shortest or fastest route, restrictions, tolls or motorways and more. More specialized use cases such as isoline routing or truck routing are also supported. Also try our Routing API
Geocoding Resolve addresses to geo-coordinates and vice-versa using the service module (mapsjs-service.js) for easy integration into a mapping app. Also try our Geocoder API
Real Time & Historical Traffic Tiles Display traffic info on the map, such as traffic incidents, real time and historic traffic events, for cities around the world. Also try our Traffic API
Fleet Telematics Custom Locations Store, manage and retrieve custom POIs and polygons. Also try our Fleet Telematics API.
Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets Get additional HERE Map Content, including height and slope values, curvature, speed limits and traffic lights. Also try our Fleet Telematics API.
Fleet Telematics Geofencing Monitor mobile assets entering or leaving a certain geographic area. Also try our Fleet Telematics API.
Efficient map rendering The API is built for WebGL and HTML5-capable environments to maximize map and map object rendering efficiency on mobile devices and desktops. It also includes support for high-DPI devices to show the best maps wherever possible.
Geovisualization The HERE Maps API for JavaScript features advanced Geovisualization capabilities like Heatmaps, Choropleth maps, clusters etc. Also try our Geovisualization API
Rich Format support Supported formats include GeoJSON, WKT, KML, SVG
Custom map objects The API supports the creation of both interactive and non-interactive map objects:
  • Markers with SVG, HTML or bitmap images
  • Geo shapes, including polygons, polylines, circles and rectangles
Mouse and touch interaction The API (via an events extension) supports mouse and touch interaction with the map, including pan, zoom and pinch-to-zoom on a broad range of devices.
Pre-built UI controls The API offers pre-built, customizable UI controls that allow users to change the base map, zoom in and out smoothly, and display the current map scale. In addition, info bubbles with arbitrary HTML content and SVG images can be placed on the map.

Product Demo


The Map Customization Tool is a text based map editing tool to customize the appearance of the map you are using in conjunction with the HERE Maps API for JavaScript.

Changes to the style get visualized in the map immediately.
Customized Styles can be downloaded.