Data Processing

Open Location Platform

A single place to find, build and share location data and services

The HERE Open Location Platform (OLP) provides a single system for location-centric development, so you can focus on building innovative products and accelerate time to market.

  • Enrich your data

    OLP provides access to our highly accurate, global and rich location content, processors and services, so you can enrich your data.

  • Single development environment

    We provide everything you need for location-based development in one single system. We simplify big data processing and management by orchestrating deployment, security and scaling.

  • Security, control and collaboration

    Your data is secure and always remains in your control in your private environment.


The HERE Open Location Platform allows you to ingest, transform, process and analyze data using Java, Scala and Apache Zeppelin Notebooks.

  • Data

    Store and access location-related data, including built-in HERE map data, traffic data, weather data and plenty more.

  • Pipelines

    Develop and deploy processing at scale, using Apache Flink for stream processing, and Apache Spark for batch processing.

  • Notebooks

    Perform data analysis using Apache Zeppelin and HERE location libraries.

  • Location Enrichment Libraries

    Data processing and location enrichment libraries for spatiotemporal processing of road centric sensor data.

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