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Location Services




Bring real-world context into your location signals

Diverse datasets

Diverse datasets

Resolve coordinates against up-to-date HERE Places, 2D Footprints and Places Footprints.

Go beyond POIs

Go beyond POIs

Know if a device is inside or near a building to add measurable context to your advertising campaigns.

Customize for context

Customize for context

Adapt the context to your use case by choosing the breadth of search and number of results.

Features and capabilities

Places data

Access millions of data points from one accessible API, including 114 million points of interest (POIs), covering 194 countries and more than 400 categories.

2D Footprints

Gain meaningful location insight and more precise segmentation by tracking the user as they interact with locations. More than pins on a map, see users as they move into, through and around buildings, giving you user-generated segment data.

Places Footprints

A carefully matched combination of 2D Footprints and Places data that goes beyond geographic co-location. Simplify Places lookups and get information on buildings and places in a single call. Use for accurate matching of 2D Footprints and Places data.


Enrich your position

Explore your location

Query data layers using GET requests.

Bulk enrich many locations

Bulk explore multiple positions

Explore up to 1,000 locations in a single request.

Customize your response

Filter your response

Specify API responses to meet your needs.


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