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HERE Location Enrichment

Enrich data with location intelligence to improve business performance through better customer engagement. Try now for free.

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Fresh location data

Have up-to-date location data to get as close to a real-world customer data platform (CDP) as possible.

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Valuable insights

Unlock the power of location to provide valuable contextual data for insightful real-time analytics.

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High accuracy

Get accurate address validation and completion. Manually enter or migrate customer information from legacy systems.

Enrich your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform with location intelligence

Improve your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database with enterprise-grade location intelligence to complete and validate addresses, as well as specify longitudes and latitudes, location types and relevance scores.



Address Completion

Populate incomplete address information to complete your customer database.

Address Validation

Verify and validate each address to avoid shipping costs to incorrect addresses.

Latitude and Longitude

Enrich database records with latitude and longitude to visualize and analyze locations.

Location Type

Classify an address category as home or commercial for shipments that are catered to specific location types.

Point Address

Visualize data for precise delivery points of navigable and display positions with over 270 million point addresses in over 70 countries.

Relevance Score

Gauge accuracy of location data through percentage values ranging from 0 to 1. Represent the percentage of the input that matches the returned address.


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