1. How do I evaluate the HERE Platform?

    Free access is available to almost all HERE Location Services via REST APIs and mobile SDKs, as well as to XYZ. Register for a freemium plan to try most of these features for free.

    Contact us to try HERE Tracking, HERE Automotive, HERE Open Location Platform (OLP) or HERE Advertising Data Services.

  2. Does HERE support SSL?

    Yes, SSL is supported in every HERE plan at no extra charge. HTTP and HTTPS are billed the same way.

  3. How can I report a map error or provide map feedback?

    You can report errors or edit roads, places or addresses directly on the HERE map using the Embedded Map Editor SDK and Map Feedback API. Using this API doesn't count against your plan allocation.

Mobile SDKs

  1. What's the difference between the Starter and Premium Editions of the HERE Mobile SDK?

    The Starter Edition provides online access to location features for popular mapping needs and is used in a variety of consumer-type applications. The Premium Edition gives access to functionality that's more targeted to specific business use cases such as fleet and field workforce management. It offers features like truck routing, hybrid/offline mapping and more.

    For a side-by-side comparison, check the Mobile SDK product page.

  2. What's a "namespace," and why do I need to create one when generating credentials for a mobile SDK?

    A namespace represents:

    • Bundle ID on iOS: a reverse-domain, name-style string defined in Xcode that uniquely identifies an Application Bundle on a device or simulator
    • Application ID on Android: Java package name

    The iOS bundle ID and Android application ID are the same, although there are some small differences in the format. They are both used to identify the app, are embedded in the app package and follow the convention of using the reverse Internet domain name format for both (com.test.my). The mobile SDK encodes these in the license key and at runtime compares the value from the license key with the value from the app manifest. This means that you can only run the SDK with the app it was registered for and cannot reuse the license key for another app. The term we use to refer to either of these in the context of the SDK is "namespace."

Developer Support

  1. Is there technical support? If so, which kind of support is provided?

    Specific questions on the use of HERE Maps APIs and SDKs and XYZ can be asked on Stack Overflow. The HERE Maps team actively monitors and responds to programming questions asked there regarding these APIs and SDKs. We encourage all developers to share their knowledge by answering and asking questions in the here-api tag. For more information, see: About Stack Overflow and How to ask a good question on Stack Overflow. Customers with a paid plan can view dedicated support contact information by logging in and going to their dashboard.

  2. I think I have discovered a bug. How do I report it?

    The HERE Maps API stack overflow channel allows developers to determine if an issue has already been identified/reported and is currently being worked on by the HERE Maps team. If you cannot find information about an issue there, you may report a new bug report by emailing us at selfservesupport@here.com.

    We at HERE encourage all developers to provide as much detail as possible on each bug/issue identified, including:

    • Screenshots or other images
    • Hardware: DESKTOP | MOBILE | BOTH <target hardware(s)>
    • OS Version: WIN | MAC O/S | IPAD | IPHONE <operating system(s) the bug appeared on>
    • Browser and Version: IE | FIREFOX | CHROME | SAFARI <browser(s) the bug appeared on>
    • Steps to reproduce: (example code | instructions) <code, instructions - even when the behavior does not occur every time or has only occurred once>
    • Actual Results: (current output) <what has happened>
    • Expected behavior: <what was expected to have happened>
    • Other details: <anything else that is relevant to the incident>

  3. How do I performance test on the HERE Platform?

    Customers may contact us to request a dedicated performance testing environment to meet their needs. You may not performance test against our Customer Integration Testing (CIT) or Production environments.

  4. Is it possible to track the usage that my app is generating?

    Yes. After logging in, select 'Projects', then select the project for which you would like to view usage. On the 'Project Details' page, select 'View Usage Details'.

  5. Is it possible to track the usage for my XYZ activities?

    Yes. After logging in to Studio, select 'Projects', then select the project for which you would like to view usage. On the 'Project Details' page, select 'View Usage Details'.

  6. Why can't I see usage for my app in the Usage Details section of my Project Details page?

    It can take around 48 hours for usage data to be available on this page.

Licensing & Terms

  1. What licensing options are available for the HERE APIs and SDKs?

    Two licensing options are available on developer.here.com:

    1. Freemium – Free access for both commercial and non-commercial websites for HERE Location Services with a limit of 250,000 platform transactions, 5,000 SDK active users and 250 managed assets per month.
    2. Pro – Paid access for both commercial and non-commercial websites with a limit of 1 million platform transactions, 5,000 SDK active users and 250 managed assets per month. It includes an SLA and email support.

    For both of the above, HERE XYZ is included with 2.5GB data transfer and 5GB database storage per month.

    See the pricing page for more information about licensing options.

    To license HERE services for apps with more than 250 managed assets or 5,000 active users per month, or ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) apps, please contact us.

  2. What is a transaction?

    For most of our services, a transaction is one server request. For map, satellite and traffic tiles, it's 15 requests. Exceptions and detailed definitions are available in our FAQ.

  3. What is a Monthly Active User (MAU)?

    An active user represents an active customer app installation on a device that uses the HERE mobile SDK in a given billing month. If you have more than 5,000 monthly active users (MAUs) for your application, contact us for a plan tailored to your needs, including appropriate volume discounts.

  4. What is a managed asset?

    An asset is a person (including an end user), animal, device, cargo, means of transportation, vehicle or any other moveable object. A managed asset is an asset which is

    1. located, tracked or displayed on a map,
    2. provided directions or series of waypoints, or
    3. has analytics derived by using the HERE Materials in a customer application or service for business purposes.

    For example, HERE services are often used to help logistics providers manage vehicles in a fleet or a field workforce. If you manage 250 or fewer assets, the Freemium and Pro plans will support your app. Contact us to license applications that manage more than 250 assets.

  5. What is HERE XYZ database storage?

    Database Storage means data stored by the HERE XYZ service.

  6. What is an HERE XYZ data transfer?

    Data Transfer means the movement of all data to or from the HERE XYZ service.

  7. When do HERE Location Services limits apply to my Freemium or Pro plan?

    The transaction limit always applies.

    The MAU limit applies when you use any of our mobile SDKs. If, for example, you exceed 250,000 transactions per month but still have fewer than 5,000 monthly active users on an app using a HERE mobile SDK, you'll be charged for the usage above 250,000 transactions.

    The managed asset limit applies if you manage assets using HERE services. As with the MAU limits, the transaction limit and the managed asset limit both apply. For example, if you exceed 250,000 transactions in a month but manage fewer than 250 assets, you'll be charged for the usage above 250,000 transactions.

  8. What other HERE Location Services limits apply to my Freemium or Pro plan?

    • The Electronic Horizon feature in the Premium Mobile SDK is excluded. Please contact us if you're interested in this feature.
    • While Geovisualization via JavaScript is included, the Geovisualization REST API is excluded. Please contact us if you need access to the REST API.
    • The Tracking REST API is excluded. Please go to https://tracking.here.com and select "Try our app" for a free trial.
    • For Freemium plans only, the following limits apply:
      • Custom Locations: you may upload a maximum of 3 layers with a maximum of 100 polygons or polylines.
      • Waypoints Sequence: up to 10 requests per day.
      • Advanced Data Sets: up to 100 requests per hour and 1,000 per day.
    • Storing results from geocodes is not allowed with our Freemium and Pro plans. Please contact us for a plan that supports storing results from geocodes.
    • Advertising Data Services is excluded. Please contact us if you're interested in this feature.
    • Access to HERE Location Services hosted in China is excluded. Freemium and Pro licenses include coverage of China as specified in the Coverage Information section of the API documentation, which is usually at "Entry Map" level. To access HERE Location Services hosted in China, please contact us.

  9. When do HERE XYZ limits apply to my Freemium or Pro plan?

    The database storage and data transfer limits are included as part of the monthly plan. You may continue using XYZ, but you'll be charged for usage exceeding 2.5GB database storage or 5GB data transfer.

  10. What are the terms and conditions for your licensing options?

    Terms and conditions for all licensing options available through developer.here.com are here.

  11. What's your Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

    Our SLA is 99.9% monthly availability for these APIs in production:

    • Map Image
    • Map Tile
    • Venue Maps
    • Routing
    • Geocoder
    • Batch Geocoder
    • Geocoder Autocomplete
    • Places
    • Traffic
    • Positioning
    • Fleet Telematics

    This SLA comes with all our paid plans. This includes the Freemium plan when paying for use over 250,000 transactions per month and the Pro plan.

    We do not offer an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for HERE XYZ.

  12. Can I display results from the HERE Location Services APIs on other maps, eg, restaurants returned by the HERE Places API on a Google map?

    To preserve the quality and integrity of the HERE user experience, commingling results from HERE Location Services APIs with maps from other providers isn't allowed. Commingling refers to substituting, appending or supplementing HERE services or content with other services or content or vice-versa.

  13. Can I integrate HERE RESTful web services with Leaflet?

    Yes, you can also use Oracle MapViewer and OpenLayers

  14. Can I display results from the HERE Location Services independent of an underlying map, eg, return a list of restaurants from the Places API as text that is not a map?

    Yes, you may display results from HERE Location Services independent of an underlying map or other imagery.

  15. I run a website/app that makes money by providing additional premium content to subscribers. Can I use the Freemium plan in this case?


  16. I will make money with my mobile app by selling it through an app store or other transactions. Can I use the Freemium plan in this case?


  17. I'm a third-party developer who wants to build several apps/websites for different customers. Can I use the same app_id?

    No. Each application for each customer needs a separate app_id. To get an additional app_id, simply repeat the sign up process for the appropriate plan.

API Access Control

  1. How do you control access to the HERE Platform? Do I need to take any special actions?

    Most HERE APIs use two random strings, app_id and app_code, to provide secure access to services. HERE is also working on providing access control via OAuth 2.0 (JSON Web Tokens).

    HERE APIs use a combination of these 2 random strings to identify users and applications and to track usage for an application.

    • app_id uniquely identifies your application.
    • app_code is used in the authentication process to identify a session

    For greater protection, you can associate specific domains, referrers or hostnames to an app_id on the Project Details page.

  2. How do I generate an app_id and app_code for my application?

    First, register for a plan. When your project has been set up, you'll have the option to generate app IDs & app codes for JavaScript/REST APIs and SDKs.

  3. Can I share an app_id or app_code with other applications?

    No, each application you develop requires a separate app_id and app_code.

  4. Which products use OAuth 2.0 (JSON Web Tokens) for access control verification?

    Currently the Advertising Data Services API supports token based credentials authentication.

  5. How do I generate credentials for an application that needs HERE tokens as the access control mechanism?

    After purchasing a plan, when your project has been set up, go to the project details page. You have the option to generate the app_id & credentials (access key and secret) needed to generate token(s).

  6. How do I use token-based authentication?

    Please follow the documentation of the product you want to use in the section "Get Your Credentials".

Payment and Subscription

  1. What is the billing period for monthly subscriptions?

    Accounts follow an anniversary cycle based on the date you registered for your first plan. Any subsequent subscriptions you sign up for will also be billed based on that date.

  2. How can I upgrade my Freemium plan?

    You can upgrade your plan anytime on the Project Details page. If you'd like to upgrade to a plan that’s not offered on developer.here.com, please contact us.

    Upgrades from Freemium to Pro take effect immediately upon payment.

    Please note that once you have upgraded your Freemium to Pro, another Freemium may not be created.

  3. How can I downgrade my Pro plan?

    If you have one Pro plan, you can downgrade your plan anytime on the Project Details page.

    Downgrades take effect at the end of the current billing period. Any price difference arising from a plan downgrade can't be refunded.

    If you have more than one Pro plan, you cannot downgrade.

  4. How do I cancel my plan?

    You can cancel your plan anytime. Sign in and select 'Projects' from the dropdown menu under your username. Next, select the project you want to cancel. On the Project Details page, select 'Cancel Project'.

    Cancellations take effect at the end of the current billing cycle. Plan fees cannot be refunded.

  5. How do I update my payment information?

    You can change your billing details anytime in the Billing Management section available from the dropdown menu under your username.

  6. How can I access my invoices?

    All invoices are sent by email and available to download from the Billing Management section available from the dropdown menu under your username.

  7. What payment methods can I use?

    You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro or PayPal, depending on your billing country. US and Canadian customers can also pay with Discover card.

  8. What currencies can I use to make a payment?

    You will be billed in either euros or US dollars, depending on your billing address. Your card provider may charge an exchange fee.

  9. Who do I contact about billing questions?

    For any billing support questions, please email us at selfservesupport@here.com. We do our best to reply within one business day.

  10. How are HERE Location Services transactions counted?

    One request to the HERE Location Services is equal to one transaction for all features, except for:

    Service Transaction Definition
    Map, satellite and traffic tiles One transaction is counted for every 15 requests
    Batch Geocoding One transaction is counted for each individual geocode or reverse geocode request
    Multi-Reverse Geocoding One transaction is counted for each individual reverse geocode request
    Matrix Routing One transaction is counted for each start point request
    Venue Models One transaction is counted for each .json model in a Venue Maps request
    Fleet Telematics One transaction is counted for each individual service feature included in a request
    Fleet Telematics Custom Locations

    The following count as an individual transaction:

    • Each request for a location, point of interest (POI) or polygon
    • Each request to geocode a location or POI during upload
    • Each request to find POIs along a route

    The following do not count as transactions:

    • Uploading or importing of polygons
    • Locations or POIs already geocoded and then imported into the custom location extension
    • Manual correction of customer locations or POIs

    Fleet Telematics Custom Routes One transaction is counted for each routing request
    Intermodal Routing Park & Ride One transaction is counted for each returned alternative intermodal route(s), which can be managed via the intermodal_max parameter in the API request. If no Intermodal Routes are available, the request is still counted as one transaction
    Places autosuggest and Geocoder autocomplete These requests do not count as transactions.
    Map Feedback These requests do not count as transactions.

  11. What happens if I exceed limits on my Freemium plan?

    If you exceed the Location Services 250,000 transactions or XYZ 2.5GB database storage or 5GB data transfer included for free in the Freemium plan, you'll receive an email telling you to add payment details to your account. You'll have some "wiggle room" above your limits to help ensure your access is not unintentionally shut down. However, it's possible to exceed the threshold, including wiggle room, which would result in account deactivation, even before we can notify you. You can reactivate your account instantly by adding your payment details on the Billing Information page, which you'll find under your username at the top right of the screen, provided you're signed in.

    To keep your account active if you exceed the limits, add your payment details anytime on the Billing Management page. You'll receive an invoice for the extra transactions according to the 'pay as you grow' prices detailed on https://developer.here.com/plans.

  12. Will my HERE Location Services paid plan give me access to all extra features in all countries?

    Generally speaking, yes. Visit our service coverage page to find out more.

  13. How can I buy access to HERE products that aren't available on this site?

    Please contact us to talk about this.