Public Transit API Developer's Guide

Why Use the Public Transit API?

The Public Transit API provides resources to address the following high-level use cases:

Table 1. Main features of the HERE Public Transit API
Feature Description
Discover public transit options in a geolocation. Based on a WGS-84 compliant latitude and longitude, search for nearby stations, determine what public transit information is available in the area (e.g. transit lines and departure times), and discover how far a person can travel by public transit within a certain time frame.
Request public transit routes. Based on WGS-84 compliant start and end points, request public transit routes making use of all avalable transit types in a given city or metropolitan area.

You can tailor transit route calculation for different use cases by:

  • defining routes based on arrival time vs departure time
  • filtering specific forms of transit, such as rail and metro only
  • planning routes hours or days in advance
  • setting a maximum distance for the walk to the nearest transit stop/station or the speed of the walk
  • defining how many changes or transfers the journey may include
  • requesting turn-by-turn maneuvers for walk navigation at the beginning and end of the journey
  • requesting route graph of the journeys in order to view the route over a map.