Traffic API Developer's Guide

Traffic Flow Data in a Specified Area

The user wants to obtain traffic flow data for an area around Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

All requests for traffic flow data must address the flow resource and indicate the area for which to obtain data.


A request matching the user story is formulated as follows:
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see Authentication Guide. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Traffic API, see Authentication Examples.

To specify the tile for which to obtain traffic flow data, the request indicates the zoom level as 8, the tile column as 134, and row as 86.


The response carries the following XML contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TRAFFICML_REALTIME CREATED_TIMESTAMP="2017-06-01T14:04:43Z" MAP_VERSION="" UNITS="metric" VERSION="3.2" xmlns="">
  <RW DE="L3133" LI="D01-06664" PBT="2017-06-01T14:04:33Z" mid="7f81e8c6-da47-46fc-83ae-a91f66ca2142|">
      <TMC DE="Pohlheim-Dorf-Güll" LE="0.97071" PC="6671" QD="+"/>
      <CF CN="0.7" FF="35.0" JF="0.85714" SP="32.0" SU="32.0" TY="TR"/>
      <TMC DE="Pohlheim-Holzheim" LE="3.44059" PC="6670" QD="+"/>
      <CF CN="0.7" FF="56.0" JF="0.89285" SP="51.0" SU="51.0" TY="TR"/>
      <TMC DE="Langgöns" LE="4.87351" PC="6669" QD="+"/>
      <CF CN="0.7" FF="63.0" JF="1.42857" SP="54.0" SU="54.0" TY="TR"/>
    <!-- ... -->