Traffic API Developer's Guide

Road Shape and Road Class Filters

The user wants to obtain the shape and functional class information of a roadway corresponding to the specified flow item.


The request specifies a bounding box area and uses the responseattributes parameter for the shape and functional class information:
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.


The response to the request contains:
  • FC attribute for the functional class information
  • <SHP> element for the shape
Note: Response could be different depending on the endpoint used: for 6.1 endpoint <SHP> elements for Ramps are not returned, for 6.2 endpoint all <SHP> are always returned.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TRAFFICML_REALTIME CREATED_TIMESTAMP="2017-06-02T18:10:48Z" MAP_VERSION="" UNITS="imperial" VERSION="3.2" xmlns="">
    <RW DE="Binford Blvd" LI="107+01100" PBT="2017-06-02T18:10:13Z" mid="1fe417f0-f17e-47b8-b0b0-b67a71eec11d|">
          <TMC DE="E Kessler Boulevard East Dr" LE="1.5983" PC="8367" QD="-"/>
          <SHP FC="3">39.8405,-86.11263 39.84072,-86.11237</SHP>
          <SHP FC="3">39.84072,-86.11237 39.8413,-86.11168</SHP>
          <SHP FC="3">39.8413,-86.11168 39.84181,-86.11106 39.84235,-86.11039 39.84307,-86.10953 39.84487,-86.10738 39.84663,-86.10527 39.84747,-86.10427 39.84793,-86.10369</SHP>
          <SHP FC="3">39.84793,-86.10369 39.84886,-86.10255 39.84949,-86.10172 39.85041,-86.10046 39.85088,-86.09985 39.85137,-86.09926 39.85169,-86.09888 39.85203,-86.09854 39.85237,-86.09821 39.85272,-86.09789 39.85307,-86.09758 39.85343,-86.09729 39.8542,-86.09673 39.85502,-86.09616</SHP>
          <SHP FC="3">39.85502,-86.09616 39.85534,-86.09595 39.85631,-86.09528 39.85691,-86.09487 39.85751,-86.09443</SHP>
          <SHP FC="3">39.85751,-86.09443 39.85808,-86.09399 39.85836,-86.09379</SHP>
          <CF CN="0.97" FF="47.85" JF="1.39455" SP="39.84" SU="39.84" TY="TR"/>
        <!-- ... -->