Traffic API Developer's Guide

Obtaining Traffic Tiles

The Traffic API allows you to obtain pre-rendered map tiles that reflect traffic conditions. Each tile is a PNG overlay that uses lines and colors to indicate how freely traffic flows in the corresponding geographic area.

Deprecation Notice

HERE has changed the way traffic tiles are served. Live traffic tiles have been deprecated in the Traffic API and are now delivered by the Map Tile API infrastructure. Documentation on live traffic tiles is part of the Map Tile API documentation.

This does not affect traffic pattern tiles, which continue to be served by the Traffic API.

Color Mapping

By default, the service uses specific color mappings that match a traffic scale measured in Jam Factors, where 0 means "free flowing" and 10 means "completely obstructed". The following table describes the overlay colors, which follow a standard configuration to map Jam Factors to color.

Table 1. Traffic Flow to Color Mapping
Color Description
Green Free flow of traffic: 0 <= JAM_FACTOR < 4
Yellow Sluggish flow of traffic: 4 <= JAM_FACTOR < 8
Red Slow flow of traffic: 8 <= JAM_FACTOR < 10
Black Traffic stopped flowing or road closed: JAM_FACTOR = 10

You can define customized profiles that specify different colors for the traffic flow statuses


Traffic flow tiles can be cached for a limited period of time (up to three minutes), as the data must be fresh to represent the current traffic conditions reliably.