Fleet Telematics Toll Costs Developer's Guide

Input parameter [route]


List of route details objects, as semicolon separated list. If departure is given, then each route detail is a comma separated struct of link id,seconds left to destination. Otherwise, each route detail is only a link id. Link ids are specified as a negative number, if the link is driven towards reference node.

If the information is available, then additionally functional_class,latitude,longitude can be added to each struct. This speeds up the calculation process. Note that the "seconds left to destination" attribute is also mandatory then: linkId,remainingSeconds,lat,long,functionalClass. The latitude and longitude must be anywhere on the link geometry, e.g. the reference node coordinate.


For a route going through following link ids: 554987845, 1213212 and -9998745, the query string must look like:

route=554987845,90;1213212,60;-9998745,0 or route=554987845;1213212;-9998745 (without time).