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The HERE Data SDK for TypeScript provides an interface to access the HERE platform. It is a modern, lightweight, and modular SDK with minimal dependencies. The Data SDK for TypeScript repository is a monorepo that contains the core components of the platform SDK organized in the NPM workspace.

The Data SDK for TypeScript package contains independent modules that focus on a specific set of responsibilities:

  • olp-sdk-authentication – gets OAuth2 bearer tokens used to confirm platform requests.
  • olp-sdk-dataservice-read – gets layer and partition data from platform catalogs.
  • olp-sdk-dataservice-write – writes data to layers.

All the modules can be found in the @here subdirectory.

Backward compatibility

We try to develop and maintain our API in a way that preserves its compatibility with the existing applications. Changes in the Data SDK for TypeScript are greatly influenced by the Data API development. Data API introduces breaking changes 6 months in advance. Therefore, you may need to migrate to a new version of the Data SDK for TypeScript every half a year.

For more information on Data API, see its Developer Guide and API Reference.

When new API is introduced in the Data SDK for TypeScript, the old one is not deleted straight away. The standard API deprecation time is 6 months. It gives you time to switch to new code. However, we do not provide ABI backward compatibility.

All of the deprecated methods, functions, and parameters are documented in the Data SDK for TypeScript API Reference and changelog.


To start using the Data SDK for TypeScript, you need an platform user account.

Working with the Data SDK for TypeScript requires knowledge of the following subjects:

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.

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