Routing API Developer's Guide


This type is used to describe which restrictions apply on a link for trucks, such as weight or height restrictions or areas where they may not go. This type is used in calculating appropriate routes for trucks.

Figure 1. TruckRestrictionsType This image shows a graphical representation of the Truck Restrictions Type.

TruckRestrictionsType defines the following elements:

Element Description
TrailerForbidden xs:boolean

Marks element as forbidden for trucks with trailers.

ForbiddenHazardousGoods HazardousGoodTypeType

Indicates forbidden hazardous materials types. Please refer to the enumeration type HazardousGoodTypeType for available values.

LimitedWeight WeightType

Indicates maximum weight in tons.

WeightPerAxle WeightType

Indicates maximum weight per axle in tons.

Height xs:double

Indicates maximum truck height in meters.

Width xs:double

Indicates maximum truck width in meters.

Length xs:double

Indicates maximum truck length in meters.

TunnelCategory xs:string

Indicates the category of the tunnel on the link (B|C|D|E).