Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence Developer's Guide

Error Handling

Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence supports the standard HTTP status codes

HTTP Status Codes

Error code Description
200 OK Indicates success, but may also be returned when an invalid resource name and/or an invalid parameter combination has been used in the request.
400 Bad request Invalid parameter value in the request, for example non-existing layer requested.
401 Unauthorized Invalid authentication.
403 Forbidden Incorrect apiKey in the request. If you are using app_id/app_code authentication, either app_code or app_id parameter is incorrect in the request. See Acquiring Credentials for more information.
404 Not found Resource not found.
500 Internal error There is a server configuration issue.
503 Service Unavailable Indicates that the service is temporarily unavailable due to system overload or maintenance or the resource is currently disabled.
504 Gateway Timeout Indicates a timeout due to unavailability or overload of a service component. The request should be repeated after a grace period.