Fleet Telematics Waypoints Sequence Developer's Guide


WaypointWithIdType specifies WGS-84-compliant coordinates with an optional alphanumerical ID starting with an alphabetic character: [A-Za-z][a-zA-Z0-9].*;latitude,longitude or latitude,longitude.


The WaypointWithIdType can be extended with additional properties for intermediate destinations, for example to indicate constraints. Properties are delimited by semicolons: [A-Za-z][a-zA-Z0-9].*;latitude,longitude;PROP1;PROP2;

The type supports the properties described in the following table:

Table 1. Properties of WaypointWithIdType
Name Meaning Description
st service time Defines the time to be spent at the waypoint in seconds, for example, st:600 indicates 10 minutes.
at appointment YDefines a fixed appointment at a waypoint. Appointments require a start time and a service time. The start time must be given in the xs:datetime format:
Hours (hh) must be specified as integer values in the range 0..23. Minutes and seconds must be in the range 0..59.

Appointment constraints require a service time, which is the duration of the appointment, for example at:2013-07-04T17:00:00+02:00;st:1800

acc access hours Defines access hours for a waypoint with the service time needed at that waypoint. The value consists of two timestamps with day, time and time zone information in the format:
For access hours days (DD) are abbreviated with two lowercase characters: mo for Monday, tu for Tuesday, we, th, fr, sa, su. Hours (hh) must integer values in the range 0..23. Minutes and seconds must be from the range 0..59.

The first time stamp defines the beginning of the access hours, the second time stamp defines the end of the access hours. The access hours constraints require a service time, which is the length time (to be spent) at the waypoint, for example acc:mo09:30:00+01:00|12:00:00+01:00;st:600

before partial sequence order Defines that this way point must be reached before the specified one. The value is destination directly followed by the waypoint sequence number. Several 'before's are allowed per way point, e.g. A before B and A before C.
pickup Name and required capacity of an optional passenger or freight item Name is arbitrary. Capacity value must fit with the unit of the capacity request parameter. Several pickups are allowed per way point.
drop Name and value of an optional passenger or freight item Name is arbitrary. Value must be in the same currency as the driverCost and vehicleCost request parameters. Value is not the value or price of the load item, but the shipping price - revenue for the transport company. Several drops are allowed per way point.


To specify only a set of geographic coordinates using WGS-84-compliant latitude and longitude values, use:
To specify an ID for the coordinates for tracking or other purposes, specify an alphanumeric value and a semicolon (;) before the geocoordinates:
The response includes any values you specify in this case.
To capture "A 10-minute task at Frankfurt airport every Monday morning", use:
To capture "Be for 1h at Frankfurt airport from noon, May 1st, 2015", use:
To specify that waypoint 7 must be reached before way point 3, use: