Duration information

Routing response can have several types of duration:

  • duration - The total time it takes to traverse the route-section, including actions like waiting, etc.
  • baseDuration - duration without time-aware information. In particular, dynamic traffic information is not taken into account. Only average free-flow speeds based on historical traffic are used to calculate this duration. The baseDuration can also be understood as the best possible duration.
  • typicalDuration - duration with typical traffic information for the given time of day
  • mlDuration - duration based on the region-specific machine-learning model

baseDuration, typicalDuration, and mlDuration do not exist for transit sections or actions because these are always equal to duration.

In order to obtain typicalDuration or mlDuration, request this information explicitly return=summary,typicalDuration.

If you need to calculate baseDuration, typicalDuration or mlDuration for the whole route, you need to add duration to the sum in places where only duration exists.

For all duration types, the values are returned in seconds.

For code samples to calculate duration, see these tutorials:

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