Coverage levels

The lists of Navigable Countries, Intermediate Countries and Entry Map Countries as well as some other parts of this documentation, use the following terms describing various coverage levels:

This map status stands for HERE-verified map content. It splits up into the following coverage levels:

Prime Prime is the highest coverage level and has the most detail and enables door-to-door routing functionality
Complete Level between Network and Prime; complete coverage areas having Prime coverage road inclusion, but the attributing of these roads not meeting Prime coverage
Network Network coverage including the main highway network and all the necessary attributes required to allow routing from city to city
City-to-City Minimum coverage in areas before completing Prime, Complete, or Network coverage

Intermediate Maps

This map status represents a separate class of map data designed for customers requiring fast time to market and who desire HERE's service and support to introduce LBS and navigation applications in emerging markets, while inclusion and accuracy of geometry, attributes and features is provided by third party sources only and translations of source data and coding assignments are derived based on automated rules and processing.

The following coverage indicator values define intermediate map functionality:

I1 Urban routing or point-to-point routing
I2 Search and display
I3 Display only

Entry Maps

This map status supports geocoding and location look-up. Maps with this status may contain contain high-level road-class geometry.

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