Car routing

Car routing mode allows calculation of car-specific routes, using real-time and historical traffic information. For example, a car route will follow highways that only cars can enter, avoid areas that are not compatible (like pedestrian zones), as well as respect road restrictions like one-way streets and time-dependent access like seasonal closures.

It is enabled by setting transportMode=car. This mode uses the road network defined by segments with CAR_OPEN flag. It supports most of the routing features such as:

  • HOV Support: routing supports both both private and HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) / Carpool car modes
  • Support for specifying max speed that the vehicle cannot exceed while traveling
  • Fast and short routing modes
  • Traffic aware and optimized
  • Time-awareness: apply restrictions only for the time they apply
  • Avoid options, as well as avoid areas and segments
  • Alternative routes

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