The HERE Route Matching REST API allows you to match GPS traces onto roads, lookup map attributes on a driven path, and retrieve a wealth of information for risk assessment, as well as driving analytics and reports. A GPS trace is a log of the vehicle's positions received from the GPS device at the predefined intervals and stored in a file of the specified format (CSV, GPX, KML, NMEA or GeoJSON).

Figure 1. Overview

HERE Route Matching supports the following use cases:

  • Match GPS drive traces onto the most likely driven route on the HERE map.
  • High precision matching for statistical analysis and individual drive rating.
  • Perform dense and sparse traces, including highly accurate and poor quality traces, up to 1000s of kilometers.
  • Filter outliers and noise, while handling point clouds on standing vehicles, tunnels, and ferries.
  • Straighten bad quality sections, and, when in doubt, provide a preference for legal paths.
  • Return consecutive, fully drivable routes, even for large gaps in traces (important for statistics like urban/motorway miles), while returning match quality per point and road section.
  • Post trip analysis and near-real time monitoring (route departure, theft, delays, and driver warnings) with high batch capacities and fast response time.
  • Filter, clean, and correct input data by returning corrected values and suppressed unlikely or noisy values such as coordinates, time, heading, speed, and acceleration.
  • Compute, estimate, and return additional data, such as speed, heading, and acceleration.
  • Report illegal driving maneuvers such as one way, no access for vehicle type, illegal turn, illegal u-turn, weight/height/width/length/hazmat/trailer/axle restriction violations, gate traversal, no through traffic, delivery only, recreational vehicle restrictions, cellular coverage gaps, and so on.
  • Report real time traffic situations and local weather conditions at the time of driving.
  • Report stops and rests taken, as well as violations of legal rest time for commercial drivers (hours of service).
  • Report speeding, cornering, and stop sign violation, in addition to other risk and charge relevant driving patterns.
  • Report daylight status and sun exposure (vertical and horizontal angles) for risk rating.
  • Report energy and fuel consumption, road type usage, and road toll costs for post trip cost and tax reporting.
  • Include any map attributes in a response, such as speed limit, curve radius, slope, height, traffic signs, black spots, urban, controlled access, ramp, number of lanes, physical dividers, road roughness, traffic pattern, and so on.
  • Match into or onto your own custom roads, such as your private yard and site maps. Additionally, you can add your own public and private roads, connect to the HERE map network, block/deprecate/prefer roads, and add or suppress truck dimension restrictions while attaching your own map attributes.
  • Combine with HERE Geofencing API "on maps" for smartphone based driver rating to auto-activate tracking whenever a driver is driving in their car.
  • Perform ETA tracking, including more accurate arrival time estimates by tracking with legal rest detection/integration/learning:
    • Automatically detect reached and skipped waypoints reached so far, with the remaining routing taken into consideration.
    • Automatically detect rest times taken so far, with routing scheduling the next rest stops accordingly.
    • Learn and apply typical rest patterns.
    • Alert the driver on obstacles in front of his current position using the Electronic Horizon feature - speed limits, sharp curves or slopes ahead of you.


The per transaction or per asset based pricing differs slightly depending on which of the above premium features are used. Contact your account executive for your use case and volumes. Evaluation and limited volumes are free of charge.

You can also run HERE Route Matching v8 on your own premises (self-hosted). Contact your sales representative for more information.

For information on:

  • How to quickly set up and start using the HERE Route Matching, see Get started.
  • The terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.
  • How to get support, see the Developer Support FAQ.
  • Data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers. We practice data minimization and don't collect data we don't need. And we promote pseudonymity for data subjects wherever a service does not require personal information to function. We employ privacy by design in services we develop. We strive to go beyond mere regulatory compliance and make privacy an integral part of our corporate culture. We believe that our approach to privacy is vital to earning and retaining the trust of our customers - and the bedrock of our future success as a data-driven location platform. For more information on how data privacy is of fundamental importance to HERE and our customers, see the HERE Privacy Charter.

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