Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets Developer's Guide

Listing Attributes in a Layer

User Story

The user wants do request which attributes are grouped in a specified thematic layer.




The response to the request contains the following information blocks:
  • description of the layer
  • all attributes of the layer
  • metadata about the associated region
  "description": "Layer with road link attributes. Please be aware that some columns are nullable.",
  "attributes": {
  "LINK_ID": "Permanent link ID. Positive 64 bit Integer that globally identifies the road, carto or buildin footprint link, also across map releases. Link IDs are never reused.",
  "ISO_COUNTRY_CODE": "Identifies the country in which the navigable link or administrative area is located. ...",
  "referencedStaticContents": [],
  "tileRequestsLevel": 11,
  "tileX": 1842,
  "tileY": 1339,