Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets Developer's Guide

List Indexed Attributes

User Story

The user wants to request a list of which attributes are indexed in which layers in order to be able to request a tile based on known attribute values.
Note: Do not use this request in an application during runtime.


Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see https://developer.here.com/documentation/authentication. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets, see Authentication Examples.


The response to the request contains the following information blocks:
  • layer name
  • ID type
  • supported formats
  "indexedLayerName": "ROAD_GEOM_FC1",
  indexedColumnNames: "LINK_ID"
  "exampleNames": "JSON,Text",
  "exampleUrlParams": "index.json?layer=ADMIN_PLACE_0&attributes=ADMIN_PLACE_ID
  indexedLayerName: "ROAD_GEOM_FC2",
  indexedColumnNames: "LINK_ID"
  "exampleNames": "JSON,Text",
  "exampleUrlParams": "index.json?layer=ROAD_GEOM_FC2&attributes=LINK_ID