Get Credentials

Before you can get credentials, you need to create an app. An app is an application that accesses HERE platform data or pipelines via the REST API or one of the libraries. HERE platform authentication also requires using HERE platform Bearer Token.

To create an app and generate credentials, go to HERE website and log into your HERE account. Open Apps & keys page to create a new app, generate credentials, and Bearer Token.

You can only create two keys per app. App credentials are valid until you delete your app or delete or disable the access key.

To access HERE platform data with your application, register the app and generate an ID and credentials. For more information on how to register an application and generate credentials, see Manage Apps.


Your app and associated credentials do not inherit your user permissions or your group memberships. Contact your admin to add your app to groups to grant you access to HERE platform resources.

Once your application is registered, provide the app ID to the person who manages HERE platform groups for your organization. That person must add the app ID to HERE platform group that grants access to the catalog. For more information, see Add and Manage Groups.


To authenticate with HERE platform through an API, see the Authentication and Authorization API Developer's Guide.

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