Maps API for JavaScript Developer's Guide


The HERE Maps API for JavaScript provides an easy means of overlaying the region on the map with the bitmap image. The object can be used to render static or dynamic data using static images fetched from the server or dynamic procedural bitmap. The overlay object also offers an easy way to animate the data for example a weather information or any other data that can change over time.

Adding an Overlay to the Map

The example below demonstrates how to add an image overlay to the map.

The code creates a map object (see also Quick Start), instantiates an overlay, providing the bounding box of the area that it must cover and an image URL, and finally adds the overlay to the map.

// Instantiate a map object:
var map = new H.Map(...);

// create an overlay that will use a weather map as a bitmap
var overlay = new
  new H.geo.Rect(
    70.72849153520343, -24.085683364175395,
    29.569664922291, 44.216452317817016

// add overlay to the map

The image below shows the result.

Figure 1. Overlay on the map