API Versions

Version Numbers

Version 3 of the HERE Maps API for JavaScript introduces a new way we release the API and a new versioning scheme. Developers using version 2 of the Maps API will remember that each deployment to the CDN was accompanied by a new version number and a new directory within the CDN structure. This, in turn, meant that after each bug-fix release, we needed to ask all customers to switch to the latest version. The new scheme makes this unnecessary.

The new version scheme uses a four-digit version number, where:

  • The first digit is the product version (in our case, 3) – remains unchanged over the lifespan of the Maps API for JavaScript v3
  • The subsequent three digits represent (in this order):
    • major version – changes when the functionality of the API is changed in non-backwards compatible way
    • minor version – is incremented with each release that adds features in a backwards-compatible manner
    • patch version – is incremented with each fully backwards-compatible bug-fix release

Thus, for example, a complete version string of "", means that the product version is "3", the major version is "1", the minor version "1", and finally the patch version is "2". A version string like this, indicates a bug fix release, with no new features.

Versions on the CDN

Although the download path includes the version number, we want to ensure that developers using the API receive backward-compatible changes as soon as possible, without the need to switch to a new URL. For this reason, the version number in the download path is restricted to the product version and major version only.

Below you can see an example of the Maps API download path:



In the high load production environment it is recommended to use the full version of the API in the form 3.1.x.y instead of the evergreen 3.1. That will ensure the continuity and no disruption when the library version is updated on the CDN.

The version number string in this download path is "3.1" (the product version is "3", the major version "1"). It will change only when a release breaks backward-compatibility with version 3.1. Until then, bug fixes and feature additions will continue to be delivered under the same download URL.

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