Use Cases

The purpose of the Large-Scale Matrix Routing service is to calculate routing matrices for given origins and destinations. The service supports two general use cases, each of which comes with a trade-off.

The use cases are:

  1. Calculation of routing matrices with custom option and dynamic traffic
  2. Calculation of routing matrices with routes of arbitrary length

The trade-off of the first use case is that when using custom options and/or dynamic traffic the services supports only calculation of matrices with origins and destinations lie in a specific region of at most 400 km diameter. The services requires the region to be defined in the request. In particular, this means that this use case does not support routes of arbitrary length.

The trade-off of the second use case is that only predefined sets of options are supported and that the calculation uses free-flow speeds based on historical traffic.

Both uses cases are complimentary to each other. The API requires the user to explicitly choose one of the above use cases by either

  1. providing any region definition, except world, or
  2. providing the region definition world and selecting one of the predefined profiles.

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