Get your credentials

  • You need platform credentials to authenticate with the HERE platform and to upload schemas. HERE Java/Scala SDK requires OAuth credentials.
  • You need repository credentials to download the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala libraries, archetypes, and code examples to your environment.


App access to resources
Additionally, your app needs to have the correct permissions for the catalogs and layers that you intend to use. These permissions are granted by the catalog owner.

Get your platform credentials

Before you can get your platform credentials, you need to create and register an app as described in Step 1: Register your application. The HERE platform uses the concept of an app to control access to the platform resources.


App credentials are valid until you delete your app or delete or disable the access key.


Your app and associated credentials do not inherit your user permissions or our group memberships. You have to assign permissions and group membership in the Sharing tab.


The portal only prompts you to download this file once, so keep it in a safe place. If you return to the portal later, you cannot download another credentials file for the same key, so you must then create another key.

Get your repository credentials

  1. Go to your profile menu, select Repository, and click Create credentials.
  2. Download the settings.xml file that contains your repository credentials and save it in your Maven settings directory. For more information on using the settings file, see the Maven documentation.


As noted by Maven, the usage of a repository manager is considered an essential best practice. It can offer many benefits including improved builds, particularly any initial ones which require dependency downloads. If your company has set up a repository manager, you should edit the repositories element in the downloaded settings.xml to use it.

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