Object tracker

An Object Tracker will follow detected objects during intermediate frames between model executions and match existing objects to new detections.

This reduces possible recognition duplication for the same object in different frames. It also provides a smoother experience by updating an object's location more frequently than a model can execute.

Live Sense SDK uses the iOS inbuilt Object Tracker to track frames and assign them with uuid for efficient tracking.

The SDK can simultaneously track sixteen different objects that exist within the frame.

Note: Object Tracking

The SDK manages object tracking internally, so there is no requirement for developer intervention.

import LiveSenseDetection

class SampleBaseViewController: UIViewController {

  var tracker : ObjectDetectionTracker?
  var lsdRecognition : LSDPixelBufferRecognition?

  override func viewDidLoad() {
    tracker = ObjectDetectionTracker()
    lsdRecognition = LSDPixelBufferRecognition(trackerManager: tracker)

    lsdRecognition?.delegate = self


extension SampleBaseViewController : LSDPixelRecognitionDelegate{

    func sendTrackedResults(result: DetectionResult) {
      if let inferences = result.inferences{
        print("model name----", result.modelName)

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