Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Upload Layer

The upload layer response body is a JSON object returned by the Geovisualization REST API in response to a request to upload a layer definition.

Table 1. Upload Layer Response Elements
Element Data Type Description
capabilities Array List of strings indicating the operations possible using this layer
code Integer 201
file_type String The type of file uploaded that contained the layer definition
kind String Type of response: the value is datalens#layer when the request is successful
layer String The unique layer ID
layer_name String The layer name
number_of_features Integer The total number of features in the layer
source_EPSG_code Integer The EPSG spatial reference code

The code example below illustrates a typical response to a successful request.

    "code": 201,
    "kind": "datalens#layer",
    "source_EPSG_code": 32636,
    "number_of_features": 92,
    "capabilities": [
      "Building Footprints",
    "layer": "a47f188b4f2c4f63bbc423797c785666",
    "layer_name": "Some random buildings in the world",
    "file_type": "MapInfo File"