Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Publish Password-Protected Queries

The publish password-protected queries response body is a JSON object returned by the Geovisualization REST API in response to a request to publish one or more queries with an associated password. The result is to make the queries available to the public, under the condition that users must provide basic authentication using the specified password when accessing those queries.

Table 1. Publish Password-Protected Query Response Elements
Element Data Type Description
queries Object A list of Objects containing the following fields:
  • password – the password set on the queries in the request
  • ids – a list of query IDs whose publication status changed

The code example below illustrates a typical response to a successful publishing with password request.

  "queries": {
    "password": "****",
    "ids": ["{query_id_1}", "{query_id_2}", "{query_id_3}"]