Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Data Manager


The Geovisualization Data Manager (available at provides a graphical overview of your datasets and basic information about them. If you hover your mouse over the ID field you can copy the value for use in API calls. Delete a dataset by clicking the Delete icon.

Data Manager

Upload a Dataset

You can use the + icon in the top right to upload CSV files for new datasets, these files must conform to Geovisualization Data Format Guidelines.

Geocode a Dataset

If your dataset has address information available, but no latitude or longitude information, you can use the Geocode button to the right of each dataset to select the columns that contain location information and create a latitude/longitude pair from them.

Dataset Details

Clicking the dataset will show you a preview of columns and rows in the dataset and their column types.Dataset detail

Click the Queries tab to see a list of the queries associated with a dataset, clicking the Query ID will copy the value to your clipboard for use in API calls.Dataset queries