Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens. RawDataProvider

Class Summary


Defines how to load data from a raw data file

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Class Description

This provider defines the interface for loading data, such as geometries or coordinates, from a local or remote data file in GeoJSON or CSV format
var provider = new H.datalens.RawDataProvider({
   dataUrl: DATA_URL

Constructor Details

H.datalens.RawDataProvider (options)

options : { H.datalens.RawDataProvider.Options }
Configures options

Method Details

pushData (data)

This method pushes more data to existing data of the provider. Either 'soft' or 'hard' reload must be invoked afterwards to cause changes on the map.
 provider.reload(false); // soft - does not cause toggle of the map objects
data : { object }
The raw data

setDataUrl (dataUrl)

Updates the data url. Note that new data will be fetched only after the reload method is called.

dataUrl : { string }