Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens. Provider

Class Summary


Defines the source of the data for layers from a JSON object.

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Class Description

Providers define interfaces for layers to access data. The input data can be stored locally or loaded from the network. Data can be loaded by tiles or in one chunk. This provider allows you to supply data stored locally or fetched using external tools.
var provider = new H.datalens.Provider(json);
var layer = new H.datalens.ObjectLayer(provider, {...});

Constructor Details

H.datalens.Provider (data, options)

data : { H.datalens.Service.Data }
JSON object
options : { }
Configures data accessibility parameters

Method Details

setData (data)

Updates the provider data. When data is updated, the update event is triggered so that the consuming layers are redrawn.

data : { H.datalens.Service.Data }
JSON object

getData () : { H.datalens.Service.Data }

Retrieves the provider data.

: { H.datalens.Service.Data }
JSON object