Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens.HeatmapLayer. BandwidthStop

Type Definition Summary

Sets the bandwidth for a given zoom level and uses this to calculate the increment or decrement of the bandwidth at other zoom levels.

Type Definition Description

This object defines the behavior of the bandwidth value across all zoom levels, initialized by a reference zoom level and its value at that level. The default behavior with zoomIncrementFactor = 1 doubles the bandwidth with every increasing zoom level and halves it on every decrease in zoom level. For example, a bandwidth of 10@zoom1 turns to 20@zoom2 and 5@zoom0. A zoomIncrementFactor of 0 effectively equals the bandwidth number, ignoring the provided zoom level. A zoomIncrementFactor of 0.5 mean a bandwidth increase of 50% compared to a factor of 1. So a bandwidth of 10@zoom1 computes to 15@zoom2.

Property Details

zoom : { number }

value : { number }

zoomIncrementFactor : { number } [optional]