Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens. RawDataProvider

Class Summary


Defines how to load data from a raw data file

[ For full details, see the Class Details ]

Class Description

This provider defines the interface for loading data, such as geometries or coordinates, from a local or remote data file in GeoJSON or CSV format
var provider = new H.datalens.RawDataProvider({
   dataUrl: DATA_URL

Constructor Details

H.datalens.RawDataProvider (options)

options : { H.datalens.RawDataProvider.Options }
Configures options

Method Details

pushData (data)

This method pushes more data to existing data of the provider and invokes a reload

data : { object }
The raw data

setDataUrl (dataUrl)

Updates the data url. Note that new data will be fetched only after the reload method is called.

dataUrl : { string }