Collection of Boolean Road Flags


Collection of attributes that describe characteristics of the road.






Property Type Description
intersectionInternal boolean This value indicates that a road segment should not be viewed as an individual piece of road but as part of the intersection. A separate guidance manoeuvre should not exist for this segment.


Property Type Description
isBoatFerry boolean Represents the generalised route of a vehicle or passenger ferry over water.


Property Type Description
isBridge boolean Indicates a structure that allows a road, railway, or walkway to pass over another road, railway, waterway, or valley.


Property Type Description
isCarpoolRoad boolean Identifies a road where at some point all lanes serve as carpool lanes.


Property Type Description
isControlledAccess boolean Identifies roads with limited entrances and exits that allow uninterrupted high speed traffic flow. These roads constitute the interstate/freeway network in the U.S. and the motorway network in Europe.


Property Type Description
isDiminishedPriority boolean Indicates that a road allows access to motor vehicles, but at a reduced speed and volume while giving higher priority to pedestrians and/or bicycles. In some cases, traffic calming measures are used, such as speed bumps or other obstacles a vehicle must manoeuvre around.


Property Type Description
isExpressLanes boolean Indicates if the link serves as an express lane.


Property Type Description
isFrontage boolean Indicates that local roads run parallel to, and usually contain the name and addresses of, a road with a higher traffic flow.


Property Type Description
isIndescribable boolean This value indicates a manoeuvre that cannot be explained in one command or at all. A graphic may be needed to illustrate the turn. In these situations, a driver may need to go right to make a left turn.


Property Type Description
isLimitedAccessRoad boolean Indicates separately digitised, high speed roads where traffic is controlled via ramps. In EMEA, the Controlled Access road network is supplemented with other Limited Access roads that meets the specifications. In the rest of the world, Limited Access is the same as Controlled Access.


Property Type Description
isMultiplyDigitised boolean Identifies multiply digitised roads, as in roads that are digitised with one line per direction of traffic instead of one line per road.


Property Type Description
isOverpass boolean Indicates if a road goes over another road.


Property Type Description
isParkingLotRoad boolean Identifies a road which is a part of a parking lot.


Property Type Description
isPaved boolean Describes roads that are made of materials which create a solid surface.


Property Type Description
isPoiAccessRoad boolean Identifies roads that connect POIs to the road network. These roads provide the only means of entrance or exit from a POI to a public road.


Property Type Description
isPriorityRoad boolean Defines road stretches that have signs indicating priority on the road. On these roads all traffic has priority over the traffic on the incoming roads.


Property Type Description
isPrivateRoad boolean Identifies roads that are not maintained by an organisation responsible for maintenance of public roads.


Property Type Description
isPublicAccessRoad boolean Indicates whether or not the road allows public access.


Property Type Description
isRailFerry boolean Represents the generalised route of a ferry for vehicles and passenger vehicles via rail.


Property Type Description
isRamp boolean Identifies connectors which provide access between roads that do not cross at grade.


Property Type Description
isReversible boolean Identifies that all lanes on the road are reversible, which implies that traffic is allowed in both directions at specific times of day.


Property Type Description
isRoundAbout boolean A contiguous loop with consistent one-way traffic throughout the circle which controls the traffic flow from converging roads. This value allows explication of manoeuvres involving roundabouts, such as "Take the third exit from roundabout".


Property Type Description
isTollway boolean Identifies a road for which a fee must be paid for use.


Property Type Description
isTunnel boolean Indicates an enclosed (on all sides) passageway through or under an obstruction.


Property Type Description
isUnderpass boolean Indicates if a road goes under another road.

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