Layers and partitioning


Road Network, like all catalogs in the HERE Map Layers collection, uses a versioned layer to segment data. This allows you to select and process only the data of interest to you, or to process only specific changes within the Road Network layer.

A single catalog version number is assigned to the entire catalog across all layers and partitions in a specific version. Every time HERE updates the catalog, the version number is incremented. Catalog layers and partitions can be retrieved by version with internal consistency across all published content. For information about versioned layers, see Layers in the Data API.


The Road Network layer is partitioned using the HERE Tile partitioning scheme. This is because most layers contain map data, or they reference layers that contain map data, and HERE Tile partitioning is optimal for map data. The partitioning scheme for the layer is listed in Layers. For more information about HERE Tile and generic partitioning, see the Data API Guide.

In many cases, map feature geometries can span across multiple tiles, based on the feature. When features span across multiple tiles, the feature is only included in one of the many tiles its geometry traverses. For more information on feature tile assignment, see the Introduction to Mapping Concepts Guide.

Layer references

The Road Network layer may contain references to features in other layers found in other related catalogs.

The following table contains an overview of all references between catalogs and their layers to other catalogs and their layers within the HERE Map Layers collection.

Catalog Layer Layers Referred To Referencing Comment
Buildings Buildings Independent Layer
Cartography Land Cover Independent Layer
Land Use Independent Layer
Hydrography Independent Layer
Destination Signs Destination Signs Navigable Roads
  • directionSign / Destinations / Destination Link
  • directionSign / Source Link
  • Every Destination Sign comprises a series of Source and Destination Links.
    Places Places Navigable Roads PlacePayload / locations /address / routePoint / roadSegmentId External reference is free format reference to any other feature. e.g buildings (Location intelligence), Parent POI's etc. This is currently not Published.
    Administrative Divisions PlacePayload / AdminContextList / AdminReference
    PlacePayload / pois / externalReference / ids
    Administrative Divisions PointAddressPayload /AdminContextList / AdminReference
    Road Network Navigable Roads Administrative Divisions RoadSegmentPayload / AdminContextList / AdminReference Nodes are included in each Road Segment Feature, no referencing needed.
    Conditional Attributes only publish single link conditions. The attributes as defined in conditional Attributes / Range are not used as all conditional attributes apply to the whole Link only.
    Traffic Restrictions Navigable Roads RelationPayload / References / ids Traffic Restrictions contain multi link conditions only. The attributes as defined in conditional Attributes / Range are not used as all restrictions apply to the whole Link only.
    Traffic Signs Traffic Signs Navigable Roads trafficSignPayload / References / ids

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