Fleet Telematics Geofencing Developer's Guide

Search Proximity Request-Response

Response Structure

  issues :
        message : "...",
        code : ...
  warnings :
  error_id : "...",
  response_code : "...",
  geometries : 
        layerId : "...",
        distance : ...,
        nearestLat : ...,
        nearestLon : ...,
        attributes :
            <attribute name 1> : "...",
            <attribute name 2> : "...",
        geometry : "..."
  onError : ...

Response Elements / Attributes

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
issues List of elements with following attributes Y

Lists issues encountered during processing. If this list is not empty, then the application must not use the response content.

issues . message string Y

Text description of the issues.

issues . code integer Y

Numeric error code for the issue, either for one single issue or for a category of issues.

warnings List of plain text warnings. Y

Lists warnings encountered during processing. Even if this list is not empty, the application can use the response content.

errorId string N

If errors occurred during processing, then this id can be passed on to Technical Customer Support for further investigation.

responseCode string N

HTTP response code and response text.

geometries List of elements with following attributes Y

Lists the fence geometries that contain the asset position or overlap the search_radius circle around the asset position. For each distinct value of the key_attribute given in the request, only 1 result geometry is returned. This allows applications to submit a geo fence geometry comprising multiple faces (separate top level rings) which are treated like one geometry, i.e. only one distance - to the closest line of all its rings - is returned. See Key Concepts.

geometries . layerId string Y

The layer the geofence geometry belongs to.

geometries . distance float Y

Distance of the asset position to the closest border line of the polygon, point or point on the polyline. If the asset is outside, then the distance is positive, and negative if inside. If the asset is inside the polygon, but more than search_radius away from the closest polygon border line, point or polyline, then the value is -99,999,999.

geometries . nearestLat float Y

Latitude of the nearest point of the geometry/geometry border. Void if distance = -99,999,999.

geometries . nearestLon float Y

Longitude of the nearest point of the geometry/geometry border. Void if distance = -99,999,999.

geometries . attributes List of elements with the attributes chosen in the request. Y

Lists fence geometry attributes.

geometries . geometry Geo fence geometry N

Geo fence geometry in WKT MultiPolygon, MultiLineString or MultiPoint format. The geometry is not necessarily the original polygon or polyline geometry. Depending on the value of the request parameter 'geom' it can be parts of the polygon or polyline. In general a polygon or polyline can be returned as several pieces.

For polygons, leading zeroes in the longitude coordinates indicate that the line to the next coordinates is not part of the full polygon's border, but an artificial internal line, e.g. from clipping the polygon. Filled drawing should draw all pieces. When drawing polygon borders, the lines from coordinates with leading zeroes shouldn't be drawn.

onError boolean Y

True, if errors occurred during processing and the result must not be used.