Layers and Geo-Properties

Layers and geo-properties are tightly connected concepts. Layers contain data, which is described by geo-properties.


Layers are datasets - they store entities that represent a particular type of data, such as buildings or Points of Interest (POIs). HERE Geoenrichment uses multiple datasets to enable you to build rich location context.

You can query multiple layers to get different entities, depending on what information you are interested in.


Geo-properties are attributes that describe data for a particular layer. For example, data stored on the layer is described by, among others, following geo-properties:

  • name - The name of a place
  • isocc - The ISO country code for that place
  • lang - The language identifier for that place's name
  • categoriesIds - The categories for that place
  • postalCode - The postal code for that place
  • roadName - The road name for that place
  • qualityScore - The quality score for that place

By default, the API will also return the following for each layer:

  • distance - The calculated distance to geometry.
  • geojson - The shape of geometry in GeoJSON Standard.

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