Item types

HERE Geocoding and Search provide customers a flexible way to retrieve location objects from HERE Map Content in a list of relevant items.

Each item (aka "result") has a resultType field describing the kind of location object returned. Those are:

  • place:

    A place item represents a point of interest (POI): a business, a tourist attraction, an airport, etc.

    Place items have a sub-type field categories containing a list of feature IDs referencing the different functionality of the point of interest.

    Place items (mostly restaurants) representing locations preparing or serving food have an additional sub-type foodTypes containing a list of food feature IDs referencing its variety of cuisines

    Related endpoints: /discover, /autosuggest, /lookup, /browse, /geocode /revgeocode

  • address related types:

    • administrativeArea: a county, state/province, ...
    • locality: typically a municipality or a district
  • addressBlock: further subdivision under locality level, e.g. block and subblock to represent aza and chiban in Japan

  • street

  • houseNumber

    Note that the address related types represent the highest granularity of the address result. For instance a houseNumber-type result item will contain a houseNumber field in the address response element. Such a result will likely also have street, city and country fields too. A street-type result itself won't have a houseNumber field in the address response element.

    Additionally to rather general result types field HERE Geocoding and Search returns for address related types additional fields with detailed result type.

    For result type administrativeArea it returns an additional field administrativeAreaType. The supported values:

  • country
  • state
  • county

    For result type locality it returns an additional field localityType. The supported values:

  • postalCode
  • city
  • district
  • subdistrict

    For result type addressBlock it returns an additional field addressBlockType. The supported values:

  • block - part of Japanese addressing system
  • subblock - part of Japanese addressing system

    For result type houseNumber it returns an additional field houseNumberType. The supported values:

  • PA - Point Address
  • interpolated - house number result with coordinates interpolated from the address range

    For result type street there is no further subdivision.

    Related endpoints: /geocode, /revgeocode, /discover, /autosuggest, /lookup

  • categoryQuery, chainQuery:

    /autosuggest endpoint returns place and address items plus query suggestions for chain queries and category queries, which contain the necessary information for a follow-up targeted queries. The follow-up targeted queries only follow-up queries only return place items, either of a particular chain or particular category.

    Related endpoint: /autosuggest

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