HERE Geocoding and Search allows you to create location-enabled applications that allow users to search for HERE Points of Interest (POIs), forward/reverse geocode addresses, and geo-positions from the HERE map.

You can use HERE Geocoding and Search to:

  • Retrieve addresses and global POIs with more than 400 categories and address objects at different levels (house number, street, city, state, postal code)
  • Enable the entry of unstructured character strings as queries for addresses or places with the Discover and Geocode endpoints.
  • Supports structured, unstructured, and hybrid (combinations of structured and unstructured query elements) queries with the Geocode endpoint.
  • Provide automated suggestions during text entry. Places, addresses, chain queries, and category queries can be returned as suggestions.
  • Request a reverse geocode to find the nearest address using either map coordinates or a selected spot on a map.
  • Search for and lookup location details by ID.
  • Conduct searches using filters that include parameters such as category (food, airport, park), with results returned by distance from the context center.

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