Why Use the HERE Geocoding and Search?

  1. HERE Geocoding and Search leverages the freshness, breadth and depth of HERE Map Content
  2. It provides a rich and comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to build applications that your end-users need and desire.
  3. It is fully integrated in the HERE platform to enable you to create, process, ingest and search your own data sets. (Note: Bring Your Own Data capabilities are only available to customers with a HERE Workspace license.)

With HERE Geocoding and Search, you can retrieve addresses and global places (points of interest) with 400+ categories and address objects at different levels (house number, street, city, state, postal code, ...)

For addresses or places, both display and navigation coordinates are provided. For example, a request for "Girodano's Pizza 130 Randolph St., Chicago" returns the access geocoordinates for driving there as lat 41.88449 lng -87.62314.

You can query those location objects using:

  • free-form queries
  • structured or qualified queries
  • a search-as-you-type suggestion engine

Free-form queries

The discover endpoint and the geocode endpoint enable entry of unstructured character strings as queries for addresses or places.

The discover endpoint supports complete or partial addresses, places or category queries:

  • Address: "125 Beacon Street, Boston"
  • Place: "Brandenburg Tor"
  • Category: "restaurant"

Structured address queries

The Geocode endpoint supports structured, unstructured and hybrid queries - combinations of structured and unstructured query elements.

For example a query for "125 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, USA" can be expressed in multiple ways.

  • Freeform: "125 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, USA"
  • Qualified: houseNumber=125;street=Beacon Street;city=Boston;state=MA;country=USA

Qualified and free form input can be combined ("hybrid") to help increase the precision of Geocoder responses. This can be helpful when the end-user inputs the free-form text into a single search box while the application provides the structured elements in the background for local focus.


Autosuggest improves the user's experience by providing suggestions as s/he types. Places, addresses, chain queries or category queries may be returned as suggestions.


If you have coordinates, or you pick a spot on a map, and are interested in what is at or near that point, you can request a reverse geocode to find the nearest address. For example, if you captured the geocoordinates of an interesting location while walking along the Promenade Maurice Carême, by entering reverse geocode request you could find a nearby address, such as Rue de la Cité 6, 75004 Paris, France.

Lookup By ID

Known locations have specific location identifiers. If you know the ID, you can search for the corresponding location details. For example, the HERE ID for the Brandenburg Gate was here:pds:place:276u33db-9d920b95ddaa456f98f757be496a52ec.


You might want to request locations by a more structured search by applying a set of filters. For example, you could conduct search based on such parameters as category (food, airport, park), or name. The results are returned by distance from the context center.

For more examples, refer to Sample Use Cases.

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