Result types

HERE Geocoding and Search provide customers a flexible way to retrieve relevant results for textual queries.

All results are typed: Each result item contains a response element resultType with a well-defined value.

There are currently 9 values in this resultType , which is an enum of: place, locality, street, houseNumber, administrativeArea, addressBlock, intersection, postalCodePoint, chainQuery, categoryQuery.


New resultType values can get added to the list without further notice. Applications using HERE Geocoding and Search must not assume the list is fixed. For instance intersection and postalCodePoint are newly introduced result types.

Following chapters are grouping all result types into 3 main kinds:

  • a place (a "point of interest" in the GIS literature)
  • an address related result (a city, a street, a house, ...)
  • a follow-up query suggestion

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