Follow up queries

Query suggestions are meant to be used by application developers to build more precise follow-up queries, especially when the query entered by the end-user is incomplete.

Query suggestions are

  1. either words to be picked up by the end-user to replace the last entered incomplete query token
  2. or follow-up query URLs to be picked up by the end-user to get more precise results

The first ones are isolated in a separate list. They are not results per-se, but just words. These query last token suggestions are described in Autosuggest endpoint Query Term Completion chapter.

The second ones are real results ranked together with other types in Autosuggest result set. Their result type is either categoryQuery or chainQuery.

The follow-up queries only return place typed items, either of a particular chain or a particular category. For example:

  • categoryQuery

    restaurants query suggestion:

      "title": "restaurant",
      "id": "here:cm:ontology:restaurant",
      "resultType": "categoryQuery",
      "href": "",
      "highlights": ...
  • chainQuery

    Starbucks query suggestion:

      "title": "Starbucks",
      "id": "here:cm:ontology:starbucks",
      "resultType": "chainQuery",
      "href": "",
      "highlights": ...

Related endpoint: /autosuggest

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