Embedded Editor Developer's Guide

HERE Server Environments

HERE provides two server environments for handling your requests: a Production environment and a Customer Integration Testing (CIT) environment.

You are required to use the CIT Environment when evaluating our products via our 90-day free trial.

To access CIT for REST APIs, amend the base URL to include an additional cit segment. For example, the CIT URL for this API is https://stg.mapfeedback.here.com.

HERE examples and demos use this CIT environment only to provide an illustration of how the service operates.

You are required to use the Production environment for general production use. The CIT environment must not be used for production.

High Loads and Performance Testing

Neither standard server environment (CIT and Production) is designed to support high loads or performance testing. You must not conduct performance tests against the CIT or Production environments. If you need to do performance testing, contact HERE to discuss options.