HERE Data Layers provide easy to start GeoJSON datasets that you can download and use for building prediction models, urban modeling, or data analysis. The layers include detailed features for modeling road networks, such as navigable attributes, speed limits, sign text, and the full set of POIs, and enables use cases such as point-to-point routing, turn-by-turn navigation, advanced navigation for cars and trucks, business intelligence, planning and optimization, etc.

With HERE Data Layers you can:

  • Easily access map data
  • Visualize your data using Data Hub, HERE Studio with just a few clicks
  • Effortlessly work with other industry tools that require GeoJSON format
  • Track updates and changes in the live data
  • Standardization of HERE content to a global model
  • Combine layers with different data
  • Adjust layers to your needs

Freemium users are limited to one city map tile (a tile covering part of a city), with Pro Plan you can select layers for two locations. If you need more data, please contact us.

A complete list of cities provided is listed here. Layer names and their detailed descriptions can be found here.

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