Install Data Inspector Library

The Data Inspector Library consists of packages that you can obtain from the HERE Artifactory Repository. For a complete list of Data Inspector Library modules, see Library Modules Overview.

Data Inspector Entry Points

You can start working with the Data Inspector Library using these four entry points:

  • Data Inspector tool: A tool for inspecting platform data that is embedded in the HERE platform portal and built with Data Inspector Library components. To access it, go to the Data section, select a catalog and a layer, and click the Inspect tab).
  • Example Apps: Each example runs in a local Data Inspector application window and showcases a single feature of a certain Data Inspector Library component or a combination of various features.
  • Web App Generator: This tool generates sample web applications based on Data Inspector Library components on your local workstation. You can use the generated source code as the basis for your own Data Inspector Library-based projects.
  • Hosted Data Inspector bundle: A set of components packed into the Data Inspector bundle (hosted on the platform) that allow you to embed the Data Inspector into a pure HTML+JavaScript single-page application without compilation and additional installations.

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