Install Example Applications

Before you install Data Inspector Library example applications, make sure that you have fulfilled these prerequisites. Also, make sure that your npm configuration is correct.

To obtain the latest version of the Data Inspector Library examples and run them, create an empty directory and run the following command in it:

npx @here/olp-examples

Alternatively, you can download an archive with Data Inspector examples from the HERE platform portal. Once that is done, you can run the following command in the extracted archive folder:

npm install && node ./olp-examples

Once the server has been launched, open http://localhost:5000/ in your favorite browser. The HTTP server application automatically copies this URL to the clipboard, so you can just paste it into your browser.

Each example has a View source button in the bottom-right corner that shows the source code of each example.

For more details about what each example does, see the Run Example Apps chapter.

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